Syncronisation dolibarr woocommerce

Matériel: PC perso
FAI: Free
Version de YunoHost: 11.2.5
J’ai accès à mon serveur: En SSH
Êtes-vous dans un contexte particulier ou avez-vous effectué des modifications particulières sur votre instance ?: non

Hello everyone,

I’m having an issue synchronizing Dolibarr with WooCommerce. To do this, I’ve used the Splash Sync plugin.

I followed the procedure, and it went well, but I’m encountering an error.

On the Dolibarr side:


On the WordPress side:


Could the issue be on the private side of Dolibarr on Yunohost?

Thank you for your guidance.

Salut a tous.

j’ai un soucis pour synchroniser dolibarr avec woocommerce. Pour ce faire j’ai utilisé le plugin splash sync.

j’ai suivis la procédure qui c’est bien passé mais j’ai une erreur

coté dolibarr

[Splash Client] [WS] Erreur 0 : Redirection limit reached, aborting
[Splash Client] [WS] Aucune réponse à la requête (Service “Ping”, Url “”)
[Splash Client] Le Ping de votre server ne fonctionne pas (Url Testée:
[Splash Client] Plus de details ici :

coté wordpress

[Splash Client] [WS] Error 0 : Redirection limit reached, aborting
[Splash Client] [WS] No answer to request (Service “Ping”, Url “”)
[Splash Client] Self Ping of your server Fail (Tested Url :
[Splash Client] More details here :

est ce que le soucis ne viendrais pas du coté privé de dolibarr sur yunohost ?

merci de vos aiguillage.

Hi lifala,

Maybe the plugin runs via an URL that is caught by SSO?

Can you open either of the URLs yourself from outside of your network, without going through SSO?

I have no experience with Dolibarr nor Woocomerce, so I’m grasping at straws here :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi. Thank you for this response.

If I use the URL directly, I am redirected to my Yunohost home . =>

I think that is the cause of the problem: the plugins don’t expect to visit your Yunohost, and your Yunohost does not expect the plugins to access those URL’s.

Maybe you can set them free with the custom webapp. I’ve only once used it I think, so I’m not of much help here, but it allows you to say: “Hey SSO, this specific URL does not go to the portal, but to …”

How did you perform this manipulation ?


Hi Lifala,

I don’t use Dolibarr, Woocommerce or Splash Sync.

I had a look at the Splash site, it seems a freemium product; they say ‘open source’, but they don’t say which license. Instead of a forum page, they have a pricing page. I still have no idea what it it actually is they offer :stuck_out_tongue:

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