Sync document photos contact agenda and mail from android device


Hello there,

Do u have some how to,

Sync mail

To stop using Google !


For email sync, you can use any email client that allows IMAP accounts, with the configuration information you can find here :

The Nextcloud app can cover the rest, with its iOS and Android apps. I only have experience on Android, the Nextcloud app makes you install DAVdroid to sync agendas and contacts (see Parameters > Sync agenda and contacts). It also offers automatic photo sync. Both apps are free on the FDroid store.

Edit : I have just realized it is not a How to per se, feel free to explore the links I provided and do not hesitate to ask questions if you are lost.

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Pour les contacts, et l’agenda, j’utilise DAVDROID (sur le téléphone) qui fait le lien avec mon annuaire (Nextcloud ou Baikal sur mon serveur) et mon agenda (Nextcloud).

Nextcloud gère aussi les documents, photos, sms…

Les mails peuvent se faire avec K9 mail (sur le téléphone).

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