Synapse – Server Errors by federation


Ok so what is the certificate proveided when you type this url in your browser : https://domain.tld:8448/_matrix/client ?


synapse is installed under my.domian.tld
Here i get for https://my.domian.tld:8448/_matrix/client
„No Such Resource“

the riot client in installed under riot.domain.tld

Here i get for https://riot.domian.tld:8448/_matrix/client
„The connection is not save“


It’s normal that you have a “No Such resource”. The question is what type of certificate do you get ?



https://my.domian.tld:8448/_matrix/client just gives me

No Such Resource

Sorry. No luck finding that resource.


You can see this information here :


YES i do


So if you go at this url https://my.domian.tld:8448/_matrix/client , and you see which type of certificate do you have what is the result ? Do you get a certificat signed by let’s encrypt ?


on https://my.domain.tld:8448/_matrix/client I see the certificat signed by let’s encrypt

on https://riot.domain.tld I see the certificat signed by let’s encrypt

on https://riot.domain.tld:8448/_matrix/client I DON´T see the certificat signed by let’s encrypt


So in this case there are no reason that you get an error about your certificate for the federation


So maybe the testing software at is not working right?

But like I said I can´t federate with servers from the list:

This servers get mostly a green light at

Josue could you name me an account on an other server I could try to federate with which has installed your yunohost synapse testing version?


Josue Thanks for your message…

this server you named is working finde and also gets all green lights at - so the problem seams to be at my server… check your riot account - thanks