Synapse config panel version 0.1 not supported

Hi Everybody,

I am completly new to self hosting and discovering yunoshost :slight_smile:

when reaching the config panel of synapse (via home > application > synapse), I got the following error message:
Erreur: "500" Internal Server Error
Action: "GET" /yunohost/api/apps/synapse/config-panel?full&locale=fr
Message d’erreur :
Les versions du panneau de configuration ‘0.1’ ne sont pas prises en charge.

I am using a raspberry 4, and the very last version of yunohost (4.3.5 stable). I performed a (may stupidly) “apt upgrade” right before installing synapse and other apps. Other apps seems to work fine : hextris (very critical :P), droppy.

I am running synapse version 1.47.1~ynh1

any thought on that ?

The app is using an old format for config panel, packagers needs to update the synapse_ynh app to use the new config panel format

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