Synapse-Admin application is non-functional

Even after installing synapse from this branch and synapse-admin from it GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/synapse-admin_ynh: synapse-admin package for YunoHost , https://example.tld/_synapse still remains unreachable, and the synapse-admin application still returns the error: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource

How to fix the application ?

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Thanks for mentioning synapse-admin! I’ve been running Matrix servers for over three years, and never heard about it :stuck_out_tongue:

As such, I don’t have a ready answer for you. I had a look at the projects readme, it mentions

I can reach the first endpoint via browser (though nothing interesting is happening there), but the other endpoint is being redirected to the SSO. Of course, I don’t have synapse-admin installed.

What do you mean by ‘unreachable’?

Thank you for your help,

When I try to access /_synapse or /_synapse/admin on the url of the homeserver, it constantly redirects me to the portal yunohost, which explains the fact that synapse-admin doesn’t work, because it just can’t find /_synapse/admin.

Here is a long discussion that details the synapse bug after installation from YunoHost : Fix integration with Synapse by tituspijean · Pull Request #13 · YunoHost-Apps/synapse-admin_ynh · GitHub

According to the latest information, it could possibly come from this, but I have no not very well understood the operation :

Add a key in synapse settings for this header:Access-Control-Allow-Origin: https://synapse-admin .myserver.TLD, using config panel
When installing synapse admin, set this settings in the synapse’s config panel

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It seems that the pull request you linked is exactly to solve the same problem you have.
I’ll wait for it to be solved to test this app :smiley:

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