Switching from metronome to Prosody Yunohost Application

My YunoHost server

Hardware: VPS Linode - 1 CPU 2gb memory
YunoHost version:
I have access to my server : Through SSH and through the webadmin
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

Description of my issue

When I logged into admin, I noticed prosody app was installed in my list of applications.

Can anyone provide guidance on how I can migrate to using this prosody as my default xmpp server for all my yunohost users?

The docs that the application links to is missing.

Many thanks.

Hi Softinio,

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As far as I know, Metronome is (historically) relatively tightly integrated in Yunohost.

Did you install Prosody on purpose, or did it (as far as you know) come along with another install?

There has been discussion about replacing Metronome with Prosody in a thread about Peertube live-chat. It is not a one-on-one replacement. If nothing has changed, Yunohost’s apt package depends on Metronome. With Metronome and Prosody mutually exclusive (identical port numbers), Prosody default installation is incompatibel with Yunohost.

In the case of the Peertube live-chat, Prosody is installed alongside Metronome, on its own port, and not as a Metronome replacement. I did notice, however, an instance of a Yunohost with Peertube live-chat having Prosody in the application list (even though it was not installed stand-alone)

This as a bit of background, sorry to not be of actual help!


I didn’t install Prosody and was surprised to see it list as one of my applications, so guess another application must have installed it. I have peertube so maybe that!

The other interesting thing to note is the yunohost prosody app disables metronome on restart hence I thought the intention and possibility for my yunohost users to use prosody.

See: prosody_ynh/install at master · YunoHost-Apps/prosody_ynh · GitHub

Confused! Thanks for input

For now re-enabled metronome on reboot.


There is no plan to migrate from metronome to prosody.

Prosody is installed and metronome is disabled if you install jitsi or peertube, because jitsi and peertube live chat plugins require prosody.


Got it ! Thanks for the clarification.

I don’t know the details for Jitsi, but for Peertube live chat, Prosody is used internally only. In that case Prosody does not use the XMPP ports, and does not block Metronome from running as it is supposed to.

Do you know the mechanism that disables Metronome, and how to prevent it from happening?

I know that peertube live chat don’t require prosody service to be running, but it was quite difficult to have prosody and jitsi working, that’s why I didn’t try to implement having prosody running or not depending if it’s jitsi or peertube that require prosody…

You can’t prevent prosody to disable metronome it’s implemented at prosody_ynh/install at ef55382f85a80e9a56d362bf34f16db0038dfbab · YunoHost-Apps/prosody_ynh · GitHub

when prosody is removed, metronome is enabled:

So the best solution if you want a working metronome: remove jitsi and peertube

Bummer. I run Matrix, but I have had a soft spot for XMPP since early Jabber, and like the integration of Metronome in Yunohost. It is good to have a (light weight) fallback for Matrix.

I also really like Peertube.

Thanks for clarifying, I’ll split Peertube off to another server.

How does prosody_ynh-install get called from installing Prosody outside of Yunohost’s app catalogue? I have used Yunohost for a while now, and did some troubleshooting when things did not work according to my expectation, but I must admit I never looked into packaging.

PS: with Matrix using Jitsi for some calls, does installing Synapse imply Prosody? I did not notice that.

For now prosody is installed from peertube using those line:

But already working on an helper to make it easier to install with:


No, installing Synapse don’t require prosody.

Thank you for your explanation!

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