Swap full since

All OK for me since
I do it in English to follow the instruction (which I find justified :))

All OK for me since

[EDIT]: since, I have the swap that fills up to be 100% full in 2 days

Navidrome logs indicate this :

LOGFILE- journalctl – Logs begin at Tue 2021-11-30 13:58:53 CET, end at Tue 2021-11-30 16:38:20 CET. – Nov 30 16:36:42 navidrome : time=“2021-11-30T16:36:42+01:00” level=warning msg=“HTTP: GET http://my subdomain/navidrome/api/keepalive/keepalive” elapsedTime=“325.055μs” httpStatus=401 remoteAddr= requestId=my domain name/av38QE39dE-008194 responseSize=29

[EDIT 2]: after investigation, the swap fills up (even though the RAM is only partially used -50%- and the swap does not empty afterwards) each time a backup with duplicati (https://www.duplicati.com/) is launched… Do I have to provide special logs for this ap that was not installed via a yuno package?

[EDIT 3]: and without launching particular “jobs” the swap fills up, moreover, inexorably. The top command tells me several commands involved (python3, mysqld, beam.smp, rspamd, mono…) If I can help with logs it is gladly (but which ones?) @ljf

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