Supervision Yunohost with Munin

Dear all,

I would like to supervise my Yunohost server with munin for example. I do not find anything.

Is it possible and if so, how ?


You may try webmin, netdata, phpsysinfo, monitorix, cockpit, graphana… And see what fits your needs.

Which is the best for you ?

I installed Monitorix…

I always have webmin and phpsysinfo installed. I used to have netdata but it was a little heavy for my config (2G ram).
Webmin has tweaking tools, file manager…
Phpsysinfo is a basic monitoring app, you can add smart hdd and temperatures monitors, very useful if you have a physical server at home.
Netdata continuesly monitors the server and sends emails in case of warnings.

Netdata is realy to heavy for my config also (2Go of Memory).

Monitorix is a little bit too old.

I will try webmin and phpsysinfo so !

Thanks !

Yes netdata is really too heavy loading the system, and your web browser when you access to it.
And you get no history except if you install grafana in addition.
It also send too much alerts by default.
That’s a pitty.

There were an app a long time ago GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/munin_ynh: Munin for YunoHost, but’s is very outdated (don’t try it on a production server) and likely not working.

I like Munin very much but it is not supported on Yunohost anymore :(…