Suggested SMTP relays for use with YunoHost

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If you use an SMTP relay to configure your YunoHost email server, which do you use? I need to choose one for my own low-volume server, but am not sure which to go with.

Your preferred SMTP relay provider
  • Mailjet
  • SendGrid
  • SendinBlue
  • Other

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If you answered “Other”, which SMTP relay do you use?
Thanks in advance for your input to help me reach a decision!
Merci d’avance pour votre contribution qui m’aidera à prendre une décision !

I would have add the option « I use the Yunohost smtp » … it would have be interesting to know.

Hi tierce:
Thanks for your message.
I am very new to self-hosting. I didn’t know that there was a YunoHost SMTP relay–at least, I didn’t see it mentioned in the user documentation [Configure SMTP relay | Yunohost Documentation]. Step 1 of those instructions simply says to “register with an SMTP relay provider”. Did I miss something somewhere?

Sorry, my mistake, I was talking about « no relay, I use direct smtp », just to use your poll to collect some « stats » on the same time about those who does not need a relay.

So to be clear, Yunohost does not provide a relay smtp service and that’s why if your can not do direct smtp, you still have to chose one.

You did not miss something, I was leading to confusion. :bowing_man:

It’s all good! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I use Gandi, it’s free for every domain name registered with them. :grinning:


Thanks for your input, Gabriel. I’ve heard of Gandi before, but have no first-hand experience with them. Are you pleased with the level of service you’ve received from them?
My domain is a free YunoHost one; I will look into Gandi’s services to see if they offer SMTP relay (for a fee) to non-Gandi domains.

I host the domain names of all my customers with Gandi. They have a great permission system where we can share account’s access. So I can have a separate account for each customer, but access to all of them from my own.

Gandi are specialized in domain names and have been doing this for a long time. Plus the free 2 email accounts per domain name is a nice bonus (I use the SMTP from one of these accounts on Yunohost).

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Thank you to the three forum members who voted in the “Your preferred SMTP relay provider”. Two responders use an SMTP relay other than the ones I mentioned in the poll. Perhaps I will look at Gandi as an option–although that would involve purchasing a different domain, and so far I am happy with my YunoHost domain. Feel free to add to this topic if you use yet another SMTP relay that you feel merits consideration.

I am using Gandi as a relay too - I think they provide 5 emails accounts for free with your domain though.
The additional bonus is you can use it as a backup MX / email server in case your server goes down:

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Thanks for that extra input, Benou. I will take a look at the post you suggested.
Strangely, I’m enjoying using my YunoHost email as a way to exchange messages “in house” only (with the other registered users on the system) and as a means for receiving system messages. Eventually I will enable full email support, but I’m taking a break from configuring things this week… :sleeping:

FYI, Gandi used to provide 5 email accounts for free, but it’s rather 2 now (but they increased the size to 3 GB each).

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