Subdomains and 'enfranchisement'

This question is specifically related to domains.
I am thinking of setting up a multi-use server for my whole local area.
In the first instance it would be used for social and democratic purposes, most likely making use of fediverse standards. This would likely be manageable by an individual server and a small group of people to begin with. However, I foresee that as new use cases and interest groups arise it would be fair to allow for external/independent hosting arrangements and software.
I feel it is important that the base domain be freely available to all, so that all residents can create a subdomain and take a stake in the local area, and that differences of purpose can be catered for whilst maintaining some recognisable permanence (the core domain) for those who are casual users.
What do I need to know/learn/understand in order to provision for this?
YUNOhost makes several domains freely available as subdomains e.g How might I too register a domain to use for my community and allow free use of it in the same way?
I feel this is an important question. I want my ‘real-world’ community to benefit from the growing accessibility of self-hosting in the same way that I have.

The free subdomain provided by YunoHost (e.g. enables the unlimited creation of sub-subdomains (e.g. directly from the webadmin (option “I already have a domain” upon creation of the sub-subdomain).

The subdomain is limited to one per server, to prevent abuse.

Considering the introductory information I have given and your request: if you want your users to both be able to create sub-subdomains and install apps, they will need to be admins on the server.

YunoHost does not offer “scoped administration rights”, i.e. if a user is admin they have access to the whole server. We only have some vague plans to be able to log who does what in the administration, but it is not a pro-active limitation.

That means they cannot realistically be casual users, as they are bound to delve and touch where they should not. You will need to train and support them.

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