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Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

When installing wordpress with the multisite option enabled, it installs a sub-directory wordpress network. However, I want a sub-domain network to be installed. Such as ‘’ as the homepage of the wordpress site and ‘’ as another wp site instead of ‘’. Wordpress does allow you to do this, but how can I achieve this in yunohost?

Hi sortedcord,

For the subdomain part, it’s all explained here : DNS and subdomains for the applications | Yunohost Documentation.
For multiple sites, you could install as many WordPress apps as you want in separate subdomains (instead of a single one with the mutisite option enabled).

Would this solve what you want to achieve ?

But I would want all of my sites to share the same database. User accounts and all

I see. I never installed wordpress with yunohost before, so I cannot help you further with it sorry. From what I see about installing apps on a subdomain, it looks like what you are trying to achieve is not feasible… unless maybe you get your hands (very) dirty and tweak the install, which I personnaly do not recommand for maintenance reasons.

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