Struggling with DNS issues. Yunohost does not think it is connected to the internet


Hello! I am a new Yunohost user running version on Debian as recommended by the install guide. Since installing, I’m having a lot of issues with DNS resolution. I have already figured out the hurdle which solved the issue of DNS lookups on the virtual server itself (using nslookup for instance) but now it seems that Yunohost itself is still having issues with DNS resolution. When I add a new domain to the server, it is unable to poll DNS records and verify that DNS is set up properly. As a result, I cannot obtain letsencrypt certs for any of the applications. The applications themselves install just fine and I can access the apps from the public internet, but Yunohost gets hung up on the step of verifying the domain. I’m not sure if this is a dnsmasq issue or what… Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!! I should also add that I have not been able to find any logs that point to the issue - I’m guessing due to my lack of experience with Yunohost.

Hello, and welcome!

No worries, we are here to help. However, to help us help you, you should have read and duly completed the support template.

  1. Please use the support template, it help us understand your setup in a clean and formatted way. Explain what is your physical server, what is your virtual server, if you are using our free dyndns (,, or something else, etc.
  2. We need you to share the logs of your diagnosis report. It’s the green “Share with YunoPaste” button at the top right of the Diagnosis screen.

Errors screens in the webadmin should usually offer you to share the logs via YunoPaste. If not, logs are in Tools > Logs.

Thanks for being patient with me. I think I have captured everything you want below:

Hardware: Intel based VM from online provider - not sure of complete hardware scope.

YunoHost version:

Access: Typically using SSH, I do have access to a virtual console as well. No webadmin.

No special context or tweaking.

DNS registrar/nameserver is GoogleDNS (i purchase my domains through them). For one domain, using ZoneEdit as nameserver.

Server has static IP, no dyndns service is used.

Log output:

[ERROR] The server does not seem to be connected to the Internet at all!?

o_O !

Try to diagnose by your self. Here a set of commands that can help you:

ip a
dig A
dig A @

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