Strict new user access

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Asrock X300 with Ryzen 7 5700G
YunoHost version:
I have access to my server : Through SSH | through the webadmin |
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

I have created new, special user that I need only for deploying website via Github Actions. Let’s assume that this user is named special_user. I created it via Yunohost panel, because only that users are seen in Yunohost Admin Panel and I can give them SSH access (I created new, special usergroup in Yunohost Panel, and this usergroup has SSH access).

Why have I created user via Admin Panel? User created by adduser command does not have SSH access on Yunohost.

But I do not want that this user has more access than SSH. I mean access to apps like Nextcloud, Hedgedoc, Home Assistant and more. How I can strict that user access? I do not see any function for that in Yunohost Admin panel.

Keep using the permissions system to discriminate between that user and other users, and stop using the “All Users” special group.

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