Storage analyser / analyse du stockage

Is there a way to have a quick look at the storage space for each app, so I know what is “eating” disk space.

Salut tout le monde,
Y-t-il un moyen pour avoir une idée sur l’occupation du disque par application.

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I have no ideal answer, but here are too possible ways to estimate it:

  • use the backup size : do a single backup for each app individually. You will have an estimate (probably underestimated, because most temporary files are not backup) of the individual size, and the relative size compare to each other.
    Cons: you can’t have the real size, and some backup files are compressed
  • use a command line tool like du (or the much more visual alternative dust GitHub - bootandy/dust: A more intuitive version of du in rust) on some folders like /var/www, /opt/ (or /opt/yunohot) and /home/
    Cons: you can’t see (individual) database size or other stuff not referenced as a file in an app-specific folder.

Thanks for the reply.
I have found this tutorial :

So I tried this command on the root :

sudo du -shc * | sort -h

It gave me good results, but I was wondering if there is any graphical alternative.

I also found this article :

Some of them have remote disk analyzer, but I don’t have any Linux system. I only have a win7, win10 computers and an android phone (I use my phone to administer the server using juicessh). So if any of these works, I may install a Linux VM.
And I don’t know if netdata or phpsysinfo or any other system app can help.

dust is a command line tool, but gives you a kind of graphical output, with a simple “dust” command instead of the complex “du” command setup.
Apart from that, I know a few GUI tools, but indeed no remote disk analyser… maybe anything working with sftp would be enough ?