Static IP address vs. VPN

Hi to all!

So I have started to document the idea to having my own server. I have a lot to learn…

I don’t have access to a static IP address and my internet provider does not like it when we get more… independent.

Is the VPN the “best” way to get an IP address and to hide my personal server from my internet provider? Or, what would be the best way of having a static IP address?

If the VPN is the way to go, should I look for a cheap VPS where to host OpenVPN?


You need a static ip address only if you want to host your mail.

Else, you can use a dynamic ip.

Dynamic ip vpn

More anonymous realization for Wi-Fi public access points
Most providers offer a much wider range of dynamic IP addresses than dynamic
To a dynamic IP connection automatically implements NAT

Dedicated ip vpn

Whether your IP gets blacklisted by websites is down to your activity
Useful for bypassing port blocking
Eliminates concern over what other users are doing on the server

I thing this two definition will be good enough for understanding about dedicated ip vpn or dynamic vpn.

Very interesting Info, if something mising plz update me otherwise that’s OK … Thanks

Many thanks for the explanation! Now it is much clearer to me. But I want to clarify something else. Do I understand it correctly that IP address is changing when you change your physical location? So my IP will change if I move out of my zip code area And this is how the dynamic IP address works? Let me know if I am right or wrong.

Well, it looks like you misunderstood something.
Do you have a server ? If yes, where is it located, at home ?