SSO logo interferes with some webapp interfaces. Is there a way to remove it?

I was trying to answer a call on Element (Matrix web client), but the buttons for answering the call are obscured by the Yunohost logo. I kept inadvertently ending up on the SSO page instead of picking up the call. I feel like I’ve encountered this type of conflict on other web apps in the past, but I’m not sure now.

Is there a way to prevent this logo from showing up on certain, or all, web apps?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@scroall The YunoHost logo is draggable: click and move it out of the window.

If you want to disable it completely per app, you may comment the line include conf.d/; with a # in the files /etc/nginx/conf.d/<your.domain.tld>.d/<your_app>.conf

We should soon have a setting to configure that, though! :partying_face:

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Or you can remove it globally by editing the CSS file


Line 41 -> display; none;

Thanks! I had no idea it was draggable; good to know!

I was searching around, and found this about removing the logo for printing that mentioned adding display: none in ynh_display_switch.css, so I tried that, and it removed the logo from Element, but not the main SSO page. That was enough to solve my immediate problem, but it’s good to know that’s available in ynh_overlay.css.

But a setting to control that would be great, and I look forward to trying it out! :grinning: