SSD or HDD price / performance?

I’m planning on upgrading my storage of my current Yunohost install which is running on an old PC and I’m wondering if I will notice a difference in performance if I decide to go with a traditional HDD vs an SSD which I’m currently using? Is it safer to use a HDD vs an SSD for data recovery if necessary?

The price difference and stability are my 2 main reasons for asking this.


Yes, after 3 years you should be very carefull with a SSD. For HDD it’s more near around 5 years. It’s an average, so it means your disk (SSD or HDD) can fail in the first month too.

Data on only one disk, doesn’t exist

About performance, HDD is very slow compared to SSD, so your server probably be slower. But it depends of which kind of apps, which config you have (cpu/ram/bandwidth), how much your server is used…

Some commands like iostat and some write test with dd can help you to measure the difference between your HDD and the SSD.

Thanks, that’s very helpful.

Would it be a reasonable solution to purchase a SDD for daily usage and purchase an HDD of equal size (or larger) to do incremental mirroring?

Are there any user-friendly disk imaging tools that I could use to do this? Anything that would allow incremental backups without rebuilding the whole image? Or is it enough that I simply do a Yunohost backup to the second drive?

It’s the most simple.
You can also use borg_ynh and borgserver_ynh on the same server.

It’s possible to do that with drbd but it’s a very difficult setup (from my point of view).

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Have you ever used ? I’ve looked at it quickly and it seems quite user-friendly but not certain if it can be used between drives or only to cloud-backup.

I’ve been doing regular backups with Yunohost backup but never needed to do a restore yet, so I’m still a bit nervous.