Someone trying to donate to Yunohost, but getting an error message

Hey there!
Someone on Mastodon wants to donate to Yunohost, with the liberapay link, but they’re just getting a page saying:

“Your donation to Yunohost cannot be processed right now because the account of the beneficiary isn’t ready to receive money.”

Error message

Any ideas how we can help them to give you money? :smiley:

Hey !

Well unfortunately, Liberapay is having trouble right now with his bank / payment processing. As far as I understand, now they support Stripe but we might need to configure something on our end (and maybe we can’t really have a Stripe account if we are not a legal entity yet).

So unfortunately for now there isn’t any way to give us money :confused: But there might be one in the coming months after we create the YunoHost association and therefore have a legal entity.

I actually just talked to Stripe support, and they support accounts for sole proprietors (that is an individual without a separate legal entity) in France.

I was able to create both a Liberapay account and a Stripe account for myself personally in under 8 minutes.



With my association (Tera), we have decided to make a recurring donation to YunoHost to support this beautiful project we are using :wink:

I have two questions :

  • Is Liberapay working to make donations to YunoHost ?
  • Are they providing a donation receipt ?


thanks a lot for your interest and will to make donations :stuck_out_tongue:

So far I think our Liberapay is still not working (and not sure they provide donation receipt…). On our side we are still in the process of setting up a bank account … Once this is done we will setup the rest of the infrastructure (e.g. using Stripe ?) to receive donation.

In the meantime, we are one~two member to receive donation via our private accounts. We can discuss this in private if you are ready to use this mean for donation though it’s a bit hackish