Some Questions in regard of Dendrite

Hi all,

first I want to say thank you for putting all the work in the new dendrite package.

As this package is very new I would like to ask some questions.
At the moment I`m running synapse and mautrix-signal bridge. So I wonder if i can make a test instance of dendrite along the other packages without running into some problems (protocols, ports etc.)

And the other question is in regard of the mautrix-signal-bridge: Will this bridge also work with the dendrite package as well?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

Seemingly yes, as you have to advertise your Matrix server port in a SRV DNS record (cf. Synapse_ynh’s doc, that info is missing from Dendrite_ynh’s README).

Looks like yes: dendrite/ at main · matrix-org/dendrite (

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