Some questions about domain name before embarking on this adventure

Hi everyone.

I’m new here and in this self hosting world. I heard about Yuno on reddit a few weeks ago. After thinking about it, I decided to go for it. But some points aren’t clear to me, so here I am.

  1. I already own a domain name that I use for my mails (Protonmail) and a simple web page. Can I setup a Yunohost server on my raspberry with that domain, but keep my mails working on protonmail with the same domain name ?

  2. In my house, I have a dynamic IP. I bought my domain name via which AFAIK doesn’t support DynDNS. How can I get it working?

  3. My wife is independant and use WordPress and WooCommerce with another domain name (also used for mails). Can we have 2 domain names pointing to the same Yuno server, but to different websites ?

Thank you. I’m looking forward getting it working. :slight_smile:
Best regards.

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Hi ~

  1. Yes, you can keep your existing mail setup and run YunoHost alongside ! After you add the domain in your YunoHost server, you can disable the mail setup for the config of that domain.
    Mails are using MX DNS records to work. After you setup your domain in YunoHost, you’ll have to update those to put your IP address in it. Simply leave you actual MX records as they are, and YunoHost won’t interfere with your mails o/

  2. That’s not a hude issue. You’ll need to create another domain that support DynDNS (for example, a domain). Then, you can create a CNAME DNS record for you “real” domain, to point to the “new”. Like this, your domain get updated with DynDNS, and your “true” domain points to the IP.

  3. Yes, with YunoHost you install apps for a specific domain and path.

You can install YunoHost on the raspberry pi and try it out o/


Thank you for your response!

So, the simpliest way to me at the moment is to configure Yuno with and then link my real domain name to, instead of using directly my real domain name in the intial setup of Yuno ?

Yes, that’s it! Once you linked your real domain to your domain, you can add it in YunoHost.

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Ok thank you very much for your help.I will try it out tonight.

I’m using freedns from namecheap to update ip for my domain

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Thank you, I’ll give it a try.