[SOLVED] WordPress Multisite - 502 while accessing first multisite dashboard

Hi, I hope you’re having a nice evening. :slight_smile: I’m about to setup a new site on my YUNOHOST-WordPress-Multisite-Instance an can’t access its dashboard. Everytime I try, an error 502 is thrown.

The main URL is https://senderaum.de/podcast/. The site I’m about to start lives on https://senderaum.de/podcast/ehrlich. ONLY if I try to access the dashboard https://senderaum.de/podcast/ehrlich/wp-admin the error is thrown.

I recognized that the problem might be caused by a YUNOHOST overlay:

Do you have any idea how I can fix this?

Uninstalling the pre-installed plug-in brought the solution: Companion Auto Update – WordPress-Plugin | WordPress.org Deutsch

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