[solved]Unable to upgrade packages due to removal of yunohost

Hello again

I’ve got YUNOHOST working to my liking and everything seems to work
I’ve come to apply updates and I’ve got this message the parts that are delayed never updated by them selfs

but when I apply it, it removes nginx , ssowat and a few other tools
then disabling the web interface.

when I try via the ssh command I get the same output

I’ve tried allowing it to remove them and then reinstall the missing packages but to no avail

I’m reluctant to reinstall even though I wouldn’t lose any data due to LetsEncrypt certs and I’m not sure how to back those up yet

Many Thanks in advance


Oh the shame, I didn’t check the /etc/apt/sources
it seems a app from the community repo added a wheezy line
causing all kinda issues

Sorry my bad

Do you know which app ?

Sadly I didn’t note it down, I will try again on a virtual machine and test it when I have some free time :slight_smile: