{solved}Transmission create folder but no files

hello, i have this problem with transmission that it create the folder .local/transmission/downloads/ but there is no file inside the folder

the configuration for transmission is the default one

Uhm, not sure I get the question ?

‘downloads’ is the folder files should end up into after they’re downloaded, so did you trying downloading any file ?

well for me is obvious there are no files in the folder[quote=“Aleks, post:2, topic:3937”]
o did you trying downloading any file ?

yes i did and there is a empty folder nothing else

The default folder for the transmission is /home/yunohost.transmission/

and if u click the download button is open a new browser tab on https://blablablabla.local/transmission/downloads/

You need to have completed torrent to see it in there.

i figured this out, for some reason if the completed folder is a used in vagrant to be shared with the host it fails to save the file