[Solved] Transmission change of default folders

Description of my issue

Hello all,

I would like to change the default transmission folders to an external HDD that i have already added to Yunohost following the procedure.

I have changed within the app the download folder to the HDD directory, but the finished torrent file was not saved there, which was strange. It was placed though to the default /progress directory of my main disk.

So how and what can I change in the conf of Transmission to point to my external drive and also is there a possibility that only the root user can access the external drive and that was the reason of the finished torrent file not been moved to it?

Many thanks!

Just to add few things I’ve done.

I have changed the settings.jason to point to the external disk but the error log I get is a permission denied to write to those folders. I have though chown all users to read/write to the mounted directory of the external drive…
Should I create a symbolic link for this to operate, ie from the home/yunohost.transmission to the /media/torrents folder?

I have a similar issue on my server and been quite lazy to look into it but just did … it’s not 100% clear to me what’s happening but it looks like :

  • when transmission finishes a download, it will create a new folder in the completed/ folder
  • but for some reason - at least in my case - the permission looks like drw-rwxr-x+ (with owners being debian-transmission/debian-transmission)
  • naively this shouldnt prevent debian-transmission to create files in the folder it created itself … considering there’s “rwx” for the debian-transmission group
  • but apparently i was able to fix the permission issue by doing a chmod +x to the folder

What’s still not clear is how to tell debian-transmission to create folder with this permission … maybe that’s some umask stuff …

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What I finally did and did the trick was chown (with owners being debian-transmission/debian-transmission) the folders I’ve created in my external drive where I created the same subfolders as the ones that transmission created in my main drive.
What I did before with chown my user name did not work. So all good now!

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