[SOLVED] Re-use of a domain name for a new installation of Yunohost

Hello everyone,

I had a working installation of yunohost on a SD card, I was wondering if it was possible to re-install yunohost on an other device while using the same domain name (of course, I won’t use the first device anymore).
Does anyone know what are the files that I have to copy and how do I have to proceed?



More details:

I am using an internet cube (https://internetcu.be/) where the system has been installed on a SD card.
This SD card has been corrupted and is not writable anymore ; but I still have reading access so I can copy any file to an other SD card.
I tried cloning it using dd on an other SD card but it only resulted to the corruption of a second SD card ; so I decided that I would re-install yunohost from scratch and copy the files I needed.

Basically, I cannot proceed the post-installation using the same domain name because it is already in use ; and I don’t know which files I have to copy from my previous SD card and what is the procedure to make the system work again.

Thank you for your help.


For re-use the domain name with a new installation you have to send a message to the administrator on this post : Remove / delete domain

Have you created a backup archive before the sd card has been corrupted?
If so you have to try to recover to do a restore, this link can help : https://yunohost.org/#/backup

Hello Obiwan,

Thanks for your answer, this is indeed a working solution.

Nevertheless, I was wondering if it was possible to re-use some files from my old SD card in order not to bother yunohost administrators.
I will take a look at the moulinette code to see if I can bypass the domain name setting ; if i don’t succeed, I’ll do as you say.

I haven’t created any backup ; if I had, it would not have been fun, would it? :wink:
Anyway, I’ve learned the lesson…

Thanks again,


Here is the procedure to follow to re-use a domain name for a new installation of Yunohost:

Proceed to the post-installation with the --ignore-dyndns option:
yunohost tools postinstall --ignore-dyndns

You must stipulate the same domain name as the one you want to re-use.

Note that I received a lot of warnings (I just ignored them):
sudo: unable to resolve host yunohost.yunohost.org

Copy the following folder from the old Yunohost installation to the new one:

Execute the following command:
yunohost dyndns update

The new installation of Yunohost is now working with the same domain name as the previous one.



Thank you very much, that dit the trick for me (migration from BananaPi to an x86 VM on a NAS)!!
As an additional advice, if you had installed the letsencrypt app on your server, you have to copy the /etc/letencrypt directory before attempting any backup restoration.

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