[Solved] How to disable the firewall?

As I have got a router, the integrated firewall annoys me (for my NFS & mpd services).
How could I disable it?

Ok, I found it:
yunohost firewall stop

Actually, running “yunohost firewall stop” disable the firewall only until the next reboot (then it is restarted).
–> How could I disable the firewall, even in case of a reboot?

Didn’t test it, but what about this (Jessie/systemd):

systemctl disable yunohost-firewall.service


update-rc.d -f yunohost-firewall remove

Thank you. I’am going to try and I will give feedback.

and why do you want to disable firewall ?

My server is at home, behind a router (which hosts a firewall).

And I am sharing (via NFS) a folder with other devices on the LAN. The yunohost server firewall, when running, is actually blocking the NFS sharing.

But perhaps there is a better solution…

opening NFS ports would be much more secure.

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Yes. Open the NFS ports. Leave Yunohost firewall for a better security.

Do you upgrade/apply security patch on your router? Is there any security update ?

My router firmware is actually regularly updated. But you are right, it is better to open the firewall ports for NFS…