[SOLVED] Firefly III cron jobs -reccurent transactions

Hello all,

I have installed and setup Firefly all ok after the last update of the app and I would like to know whether some cron jobs automatically created when I am using recurrent transactions in the app.
When i create transactions i get the message in Firefly saying:

Message: It seems the cron job that is necessary to support recurring transactions has never run. This is of course normal when you have just installed Firefly III, but this should be something to set up as soon as possible.

Since I do not want to screw up crons in Yunohost and since as far as I know rg Nextcloud creates automatically cron jobs, how can this also work for Firefly?

Also there is some other message i got when installed

Thank you!


Indeed, we need a cron job for Firefly-iii. It was not added because it was not mentioned in the installation instructions of the Firefly-iii. I will have a look and add it in next release.
But if you want to use it, you can manually add it and check it if it works.

# touch /etc/cron.d/firefly-iii
# nano /etc/cron.d/firefly-iii

Add these lines:
0 3 * * * /usr/bin/php7.4 /var/www/firefly-iii/artisan firefly-iii:cron
Then do:
and save the file.

Hi @kanhu, thank you for this.

I’ve tried it but is doesn’t seem to do anything on the transactions that I already had created. I created another one for tomorrow and see if it will work. I have also changed the cron job to run every minute to but nothing happened.

BTW, I still get the error message in the app that cron jobs have not been setup.

I will update tomorrow if it is successful.

OK so coming back to this, I am reporting that unfortunately the cron jobs did not run for any recurring transactions. Syntax looks ok, i can’t figure out what else needs to be done.

Any help would be welcome! :slight_smile:

@kanhu Shouldn’t this be:

0 3 * * * root /usr/bin/php7.4 /var/www/firefly-iii/artisan firefly-iii:cron

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So as shown above, the proper syntax is to use root. Transactions now occur recurrently.

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