[Solved] Diagnosis complains about missing cron.d/yunohost-dyndns


My YunoHost server

Hardware: Old laptop
YunoHost version:
I have access to my server : Through SSH

Description of my issue

I switched from a noho.st domain to my own domain. And as advised in the Nohost.me domains page of the manual, I deleted the /etc/cron.d/yunohost-dyndns.

And now, yunohost diagnosis complains that this file has been manually modified.

I noticed that @Aleks changed data/hooks/conf_regen/01-yunohost recently so I changed my local copy. I deleted data/hooks/conf_regen/01-yunohost. I forced the diagnosis, etc.

And every time, I get the same answer! This is getting me crazy! :crazy_face:

Can someone explains what I am missing?

Uuuuuh wut … I hope you don’t mean that you yolocopied some file from the github repo to your own server … That’s not how it works … The current git repo corresponds to the upcoming version 11.x and many things changed since then …

If the file got manually modified, you should try to run yunohost tools regen-conf yunohost --force (as explained by yunohost’s diagnosis iirc)

No, I’m a bit smarter than that :nerd_face: — I edited the file with vim. But not too smart either: the local git copy I used (because it should be simpler than working remotely…) was stuck in 2021/09! :rage:

If the file got manually modified, you should try […]

Well, as advised by the manual page, I deleted it — a kind of modification, but that seemed to disturb the diagnosis!

I finally managed to remove this warning with the following steps — don’t know which ones were really needed :man_shrugging:

  • re-install the yunohost package: to clean my little changes to the files…
  • sudo yunohost tools regen-conf yunohost --dry-run --with-diff
    • no output
  • sudo touch /etc/cron.d/yunohost-dyndns
  • sudo yunohost tools regen-conf yunohost --force
Succès ! La configuration a été mise à jour pour 'yunohost'
      status: force-updated
  • sudo yunohost diagnosis run regenconf --force --debug
    • Problem is still present
  • sudo yunohost tools regen-conf yunohost --with-diff
Info : Le fichier de configuration '/etc/cron.d/yunohost-dyndns' devait être supprimé par 'regen-conf' (catégorie yunohost) mais a été conservé.
      status: unmanaged
  • sudo rm /etc/cron.d/yunohost-dyndns
  • sudo yunohost tools regen-conf yunohost --with-diff
    • Note: I used --with-diff instead of --force — don’t know if it makes a difference.

If it can help someone in the future…



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