[SOLVED] Calendar sharing between user

Hello I install Baikal and webdav.
I create new calender with a user and sharing it in read only with one user and in red write with a other one.

When I login with the other user account no one can see my calendar.

I update all apt-get update and dist-upgrade.

and upgrade from web interface (but only for other apps listed)

How to see the trouble and debug that?


J’ai installé baikal et webdav
J’ai créé un calendrier avec un utilisateur. Je l’ai partagé avec un premier utilisateur en lecture seule et en lecture écriture avec un autre.

Si je m’identifie avec ces autres comptes utilisateur je ne dispose pas de mon calendrier…

Comment résoudre le problème ?

J’ai fait les updates.


Maybe @juju will be able to answer that. But the thing is that those sharing behaviors are not widely tested.

thanks for answering

i can not find how to debug or see error message in log
i don’t find the app in your github account
or source site

The app sources are visible here: http://app.yunohost.org/?app=baikal

You can find logs in /var/log/nginx/your-domain.tld_error.log or in the php5-fpm logs.

Sorry but the status is that you must live without it for the moment. We don’t have a good solution yet in Yunohost for that.

We are waiting for the new Baikal version 2 which should support calendar sharing

share calendar from USERNAME With TOTO:
in agenDav USERNAME share a calendar with read-write with user TOTO
connect to mysql…
use baikal;
INSERT INTO principals (uri) VALUES (‘principals/USERNAME/calendar-proxy-write’); ( id=7)
select * from baikal.principals and read id where uri like “principals/TOTO” id =5

insert into groupmembers values (1,7,5); (firstline maybe auto, the id from share, th id to share with)

github /netgusto/Baikal/issues/120

sabre.io /dav/caldav-proxy/ all explain there


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@tonton : can you please be more specific ?

you applied those statement on your yunohost instance and it works ?
what works exactly ? USERNAME is the owner of the shared calendars, and then you can setup share permissions from AgenDAV ?

If that works I’ll consider updating the app with your improvements.

@tonton : i did not see your full message before replying. I’ll dig into this

Thanks for the tests

I truncate the link cause i can not post it …

@tonton @juju

can you explain in more details sharing calendar with other users ?


hello Kanhu
the sharing is design but not applied for some reason.
but you can set it manually (in hard way). You have to look at the database table and columns. You need to invent a group name and set user to be in … And after when sharing in the interface it is working ! with good group and user


That would be so nice if someone could fix that “sharing calendar” issue (using AgenDAV & Baikal) !

YES! I would like too
This is a big (basic?!) feature very usefull

it is free software nobody pay for nobody have it or it is priority for someone


It would be great if you can give an example of sharing in phpMyAdmin.