[SOLVED] BACKUP / RESTORE : How to restore a (too) huge backup?


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How to restore a huge backup ?

Hi there !

I have this huge Nextcloud backup file that I would like to restore.
When I tried, I had this “not enought space” message :

root@box:~# yunohost backup restore auto_nextcloud-2022-07-26_00:14
Error: Not enough space (space: 163347046400 B, needed space: 261146741391 B, security margin: 104857600 B)

I was wondering if there is a trick to circumvent this issue ?
Is it possible to run a restoration with a backup file that is on an external drive / HDD ?

Have a wonderful day all,

I believe you can : use a symbolic link to “place it” in the backup folder, pointing to another storage device.

If that doesn’t work : does your backup contain Nextcloud data files (not just the app files) ?
If yes: you could create a copy, extract the file, remove Nextcloud data, recreate a .tar archive with the remaining files, and restore this first. Then copy Nextcloud data files.

Merci !

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