[solved] Application no more "Make Default"

thank you for your time.

I “make Default” my WordPress. Very useful function.

But today, I want no more this function. When I enter the domain name, I want to reach the SSO screen.

Thank to share how to “unselect” this function.

Have a good end of the afternoon,

Hi there

So far there’s no obvious, user-friendly way to do this.

You should edit manually the file /etc/ssowat/conf.json.persistent with something like

nano /etc/ssowat/conf.json.persistent

and remove the redirection from / to /yourblog (not sure exactly about the syntax)

Be careful about the syntax though, it should be a valid json file …

You can exit / save the changes in nano using Ctrl+X

Tiens, tiens, tiens je retrouve mon vieil ami “jreservices.nohost.me/

“redirected_urls”: {
“bacasable.eu/”: “bacasable.eu/main”,
jreservices.nohost.me/”: “jreservices.nohost.me/dokuwiki”,
tricassinux.org/”: “YunoHost Portal
J’ai fait un _bk :slight_smile:

J’ai modifié le fichier de la manière suivante (

“redirected_urls”: {

"skipped_urls": []


et cela marche, merci.

Merci de ton temps :).

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