Sogo on YunoHost in DMZ with other maliservers

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i have two mailservers in a DMZ

and now a new SUGO on YunoHost

all hosts are configured to use dns server from the firewall
and in the firewall : Unbound DNS Overrides : all mailservers are configured:


  • On A ping B response from
  • On B ping A response from

On YunoHost

  • On C ping A response from public IP A
  • On C ping B response from public IP B

how can i configure YunoHost to use the firewalls DNS?
thanks in advance

I change the /etc/resolv.dnsmasq.conf and add a line on top of the file

  • nameserver

Now all mailservers A B C can send mails between their domains A B C
Also send and receive to and from external mailservers works.

The YunoHost diagnose is not so happy.
Says should be public IP A

i hope that i dont found other side effects.

sending an email from C to A no longer works
sending from C to B works
/etc/resolv.dnsmasq.conf is unchanged with in the first line
nslookup B shows is okay
nslookup A shows public IP-A is wrong
nslookup A shows is okay

After a restart everything works as expected
It’s a nightmare, i don’t know what’s going on with the name resolution on the yunohost system


  1. I change /etc/resolv.dnsmasq.conf back to original and delete the first line

  2. I try something with NAT-Reflection without success.

    • The mailservers have to much restrictions like spf and reverse IP checks
  3. i put the other mailserver in

  4. I found that postfix use its own hosts, so i copy the hosts

    • cp /etc/hosts /var/spool/postfix/etc/hosts
      • but Postfix does not work
  5. I found that postfix ignores hosts and the config needs an additional entry

    • nano /etc/postfix/
      • smtp_host_lookup = native
  6. Now it works fine.

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