Smtp certificate still self-generated insted of LetsEncrypt one


I’m pretty satisfied with my yunohost install. It’s a great set of software nicely packaged. Thanks to all contributors. However, I’m unable to send mail through my yunohost server from my Thunderbird client running at home on a Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS. The certificate used is the self-signed certificate used at yunohost installation time.
Since I got a LetsEncrypt certificate. But for some reason, smtp seems to ignore this certificate.

My YunoHost server

** Hardware: ** VPS bought online (Ikoula)
YunoHost version: YunoHost 11.0.5 (testing)
I have access to my server : SSH and webadmin
** No Special context I’m aware of**

Description of my issue

When I try to send a message using my yunohost smtp server, I get the following message:

L’autorité de délivrance du certificat du pair n’est pas reconnue.

When asking to see the certificate, I can see it is the self-signed certificate and not the Letsencrypt one?

Thanks for any hint!
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