Slapd issue following an upgrade from wheezy to jessie


I have a slapd issue:

# slapcat 
58a9c24d mdb_db_open: database "dc=yunohost,dc=org" cannot be opened: No such file or directory (2). Restore from backup!
58a9c24d backend_startup_one (type=mdb, suffix="dc=yunohost,dc=org"): bi_db_open failed! (2)
slap_startup failed

But, even with that problem, I can login via ssh on my server (even with the web admin API). I suspect to be in something close to what is described in that topic (and three post lower (juju)). Indeed I did a migration from wheezy (two years ago). Unfortunatly, I do not have any ldap save (actually I do, but it is really old one).

Any idea to fix that state? Thanks a lot!

Hurrah, following the solution given by jerome fixed the issue.