Simple LDAP Login Not Working for Wordpress

Hello All,

Another problem has show up when I moved my YNH to a new server. I cannot login to my Wordpress Blog.


This might be a result of moving my WP from an older version of PHP but everything is updated now … I just cannot get logged in. Plus F2B bans me after a few tries. Is there a way to get around this login?

Anybody have anything on getting around the LDAP Login? Still can’t access my Wordpress Blog.

Are you able to login on the yunohost user portal ?

Is the slapd service running ? (see Webadmin > Services or by running systemctl status slapd)

Yes. I have full access to everything on YNH and I have full root with SSH. And everything else is working great. Slapd is running.

What about the group and permission view in Webadmin > User > Manage Group and permission ?

Ok … interesting. Wordpress__2 was not included in the ‘Users’ group permission … so I added it, but I still can’t access the Blog. Just hit F2B again.

I am still unable to get around the LDAP login. There has to be a way to fix this so I can regain access to the site. Is there a way of disabling it? Is there a way of editing the info that is registered on LDAP?

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