Sign-up form / app for my users

Hi. I have been using Yunohost for a number of years and I love it.

I’d like to make the platform available for sign-up to people, to benefit from the SSO inherent in the system.

I have some other third party apps (outside of Yunohost) which I’ve been able to get authenticating against the Yunohost LDAP.

I’m not a programmer or developer, but a very experienced OS and infrastructure sysadmin.

So my question is, is there an automated signup app or similar for Yunohost? similar to joining any other website ie. enter your email, pick password or whatever.

I’d like to get people signed up to Yunohost and then not only use the apps in it (that I make available in their portal) but have Yunohost be the central user account store via it’s LDAP.

Please advise if someone has already done this, there’s an app for it or how it can be done.

Thank you.


I like to bump this post as I have the same question.

Even better for me would be a way to send a bunch (say 200) emails with invitation link to a sign-up form.

Maybe for now you can take request from an form. Fetch details from the database and run the Yunohost command to create users through a script. You can have the details on your email of new registered users.

(ping @ljf who’s our local expert about this kind of topic and will be working on related features at some point if i remember correctly )

Yes, I’m still interested in this and thought my post here was being ignored :slight_smile: thanks for bumping it. I love yunohost but after extensive research couldn’t find any way to get people signing up into it, which is why I raised the original query and hope one day to have a feature like that for the platform.

Thanks for looking into.

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I should work on that kind of features in 2 weeks thanks to the CNAM:

  • Password reset
  • User import from CSV
  • Invitation link to subscribe

I hope those dev will help you too. I start after i finish vpnclient/config panel improvements


this would be so helpful! It would absolutely change how often I can use YNH is projects.


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Btw folks don’t hesitate to provide more details on your use cases (which grealy helps us designing the whole thing) like :

  • the kind of public this is meant to (family/friends, association, classroom, entire school, enterprise / collegues, techy vs. non-techy people, …)
  • the number of users (approximately … like is it 10, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000+…)
  • how you’d like to import them or is there any interface to be done with an external DB of user, or say a spreadsheet, … (and is this a one-time import or should it support “updating existing users” as well)
  • or something different (as @dosch mentioned), send invitation links to a ~hundred people
  • when importing/inviting users, would it make sense for you to be able to add them to specific groups
  • or is your main use case more focused on password reset and/or invitation links, rather than being to able to import users. Like is it about “my users keep forgetting their passwords”, or “i just don’t want to define a password for my friends/family because they won’t change it”, or “i want to make an open platform where random people can register” or something else
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