Show app version on the system update page

on the System Update Page i see:


Vaultwarden-2 (vaultwarden__2) from 1.28.1~ynh1 to 1.29.0~ynh1

is it possible to show the vaultwarden version inside 1.29.0~ynh1?

Vaulwarden Server Version 2023.5.0

thanks in advance

Where does this come from? Latest Vaultwarden version is correct (1.29.0): Releases · dani-garcia/vaultwarden · GitHub

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Web-Vault updated to v2023.5.0 (v2023.5.1 does not add any improvements for us)

" Vaulwarden Server" is not the same thing as “Web-vault”.

In any case, no, YunoHost will not display versions of the components of an app. Only the app version.

Sorry, the correct name I meant is:
Vaultwarden (unofficial Bitwarden® server)
Version 2023.5.0
It shows up when i click on “Open this app” in YunoHost .
Possibly the internal name is “Web-vault”.

But i have noted that the short answer is:
“It’s not possible”
Thanks for the enlightenment.