Should I edit the docs or file this as a bug?

Every couple of months or so, I would get an error with K9 mail and occasionally Thunderbird saying that the SSL certificate wasn’t recognized. If I accepted the current certificate, it would go away, but come back again later.

I noticed in the error message that despite my mail client being confured to access imap.MYDOMAIN.COM, the cert was registered to my Yunohost admin domain, (yuno.MYDOMAIN.COM) rather than my email addresses domain (MYDOMAIN.COM). When I switched the mail client to using the admin domain instead, reading and sending all my emails seems to work fine without any SSL errors.

So… is this a bug that I should file, or should I edit the docs (which say to use the email address domain, eg, not the Yunohost admin domain, eg Is it possible that this may only be an issue as my user is also the Yunohost admin?

Which docs are you referring to?

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