[Shlink] Issue in generating api-key


Hello everyone !

My YunoHost server

[INFO] L’architecture du serveur est bare-metal amd64

  • Le modèle/architecture du serveur est Intel H81U

[INFO] Le serveur utilise le noyau Linux 5.10.0-20-amd64

[INFO] Le serveur utilise Debian 11.6

[INFO] Le serveur utilise YunoHost (stable)

  • yunohost version : (stable)
  • yunohost-admin version : 11.1.5 (stable)
  • moulinette version : 11.1.4 (stable)
  • ssowat version : 11.1.4 (stable)

I have access to my server : Through SSH | through the webadmin |

If your request is related to an app, specify its name and version: shlink v3.7.3, 3.4.0~ynh1

Description of my issue

I have just installed Shlink on my server. Now, I’m trying to get the service enable. When I go to a user yunohost interface, I found the Shlink tile. I click on it and can access to a page where I’m invited to create a server. For that, I need to provide a api-key.

I’ve tried to run this command :

sudo  php8.1 /var/www/shlink/bin/cli api-key:generate

but I get this error message which I don’t know what to do about…

In ExceptionConverter.php line 83:

  An exception occurred in the driver: could not find driver

In Exception.php line 28:

  could not find driver

In Driver.php line 39:

  could not find driver

api-key:generate [-m|--name NAME] [-e|--expiration-date EXPIRATION-DATE] [-a|--author-only] [-d|--domain-only DOMAIN-ONLY]

I’ve seen this post on this forum but I was closed before resolved… Does anyone has any idea how I can generate my api-key for shlink ?
Thank you in advance…


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