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Shiori is a simple bookmarks manager written in Go language. Intended as a simple clone of Pocket. You can use it as command line application or as web application. This application is distributed as a single binary, which means it can be installed and used easily.


  • Simple and clean command line interface.
  • Basic bookmarks management i.e. add, edit and delete.
  • Search bookmarks by their title, tags, URL and page content.
  • Import and export bookmarks from and to Netscape Bookmark file.
  • Simple web interface for those who don’t want to use a command line app.
  • Where possible, by default shiori will download a static copy of the webpage in simple text and HTML format, which later can be used as an offline archive for that page.

Shiori Web Extension

Shiori Web Extension is a simple extension for managing bookmarks using Shiori. This extension is intended to integrate Shiori with your favorite web browser. This way, you can save and remove bookmarks in Shiori without switching from your current page.


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Nice, but is this project still alive? Looks abandoned. Last release more than two years go, and no acrivity on Github for more than a year?

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Has anyone been able to use the Wallabag import script? I get the error ./wallabag2shiori: line 58: shiori: command not found

maybe you can be more precise about your steps to run the script.
My guess is that the script wallabag2shiori.sh is not in the same folder as Shiori binarie…

I’m logging into my hosted server with ssh using the admin account and running the commands specified in the Shiori docs
curl -sSOL https://gist.githubusercontent.com/Aerex/01499c66f6b36a5d997f97ca1b0ab5b1/raw/bf793515540278fc675c7769be74a77ca8a41e62/wallabag2shiori
chmod +x wallabag2shiori
./wallabag2shiori 'path/to/to/wallabag_export_json_file'

I think you’re right about not being in the same folders as the Shiori binaries. Where would I find these?

Shiori binarie will be in /var/www/shiori folder

Thanks for your help, once I was in the shiori folder I had to modify the import script to have ./shiori rather than just shiori and that got it working

Nice! Maybe it is worth having a small How to section in the readme explaining the process? You are welcome to push a PR (or just drop few lines here so I can add it myself)