Shared items booking application


I’ve installed yunohost on a virtual private server at ovh recently.
In order to help users to share some tools, I am looking for a booking system for registered resources.
Does anyone know a solution (if possible not to heavy) from packaged applications ?
Thank you.

Have a nice day.

I would prefer not installing Drupal as it is, in my opinion, a bit to heavy for just a booking application.


I do not really understand your question.
Are you looking fer n app to share bookmarks ?

I understand it more like a booking system for rooms, tools, etc.

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Tituspijean understood what I had meant.

I would like my friends to be able to book a wood shredder on a shared calendar.
If I could, they would be able :

  • to see all the “appointments”
  • to add a new “appointment” for the tool, if it’s free at that time
  • to modify their own appointments but not the others’.
    I tried agendAV, Baikal, nextcloud… and last, I installed Drupal…
    I’ve uninstalled every component before installing another… Unfortunately, Drupal seems to have broken my server…

I’m quite sure that I’ve missed a simpler solution…


Does this app solve your issue: Opensondage | Yunohost Documentation?

Demo: Make your polls - OpenSondage

thank you for answering my question… but no, this app doesn’t meet my needs.
For example, appointments must be “mutually exclusive”. If someone has already booked the tool, no one should be able to add an appointment on the same time.
As far as I know opensaondage, that I’ve already used at “”, this solution doesn’t offer that settings.
have a good day.

I’m back to baikal+angendav pack and i’m trying to find documentation to reach my goals that way.

Here is a list of self hostable applications:

If you can find something that matches what you want to do, I might be able to help you get it running