Share files in transmission /torrent/downloads/


I’m looking for a way to share the content of /torrent/downloads/ with my friends without authentication.
Basically, I would like to share a url like this: https://my.domain/torrent/downloads/my_filename

So that they can download it. Is it possible to make this folder public ?

Thanks for your help.

(I’m a very new Yunohost user, and it is working great, so thank you very much for this.)

Hello !

You’re gonna need some bit of manual technical tweaking. I think you should edit the file /etc/ssowat/conf.json.persistent and add a json block (if not already present) with something like :

    "unprotected_urls": [ 

(note that the urly brackets {} might already be in the file, or even another block might be here, you just need to add/edit the unprotected_urls block)

Also be aware that if you friend can access it without authentication, anybody else can if they somehow know the URL :wink:

In case you need some sort of authentication, you could also share those file using the nextcloud ‘share’ function with which you can add a password

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If just want to share the torrent for downloading and seeding with others, you may go to transmission location and do:
cd /home/yunohost.transmission/completed && transmission-remote -l
You will see list of torrents that are completed here. For choosing the link to send to people you need to choose the id and do:
transmission-remote -t [Id] -i
Where id is the number you got from previous command.

If you want to give full access to the users then you need to follow Aleks suggestion. But you should still give nginx level authentication so that transmission interface could not be misused. It is dangerous to open transmission interface to public. A good idea is to give users account on your server and allow the transmission access to all the users.

Maybe I’m going to have a look at the Nextcloud share before playing with ssowat configuration. I’d like to avoid duplicating the file I want to share (whatever the solution is).

Thank you guys for your replies !