Sftp access permissions


I followed this to access to my server via sftp: https://yunohost.org/#/filezilla_fr.
I can connect as admin or root, but I can’t write any files.

When I am using the user created by the application Custom Web App it works, I can write in its folder.
What can I do to be able to r/w everywhere ?

I’ve looked but didn’t find a solution. And I don’t want to mess up things.

Well uh, if you manage to connect as root then you should be able to write everywhere ?

For other users, they’ll have access / read / write accordingly to permissions on the files … so you can’t really have r/w everywhere except being root. Oooor you can manage stuff by playing with group permissions … Soo, yup :s

Something must be wrong somewhere because,

  • my user can* create an empty folder in its own folder area, but can’t move it, and can’t upload any files
  • this morning, root or admin can’t even connect…

I’m lost.
Does something look wrong in the way I connect?


I had to do this to be able to sftp as root:

nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config
PermitRootLogin yes # find PermitRootLogin and change no to yes in front of it
service ssh restart

From this post: Autoriser ROOT en SFTP?

But apparently it’s not very secure.
For me it’s the only way to be able to write something from Filezilla.
I can connect with my user, but can’t write anything.

  • Any help about this ?

Other problem:

  • When I upload a file with filezilla, in a folder /home/user/…, I can’t see it on Nextcloud. It’s just no here. But I can’t see it with ls on Shell In A box
    Any help about it ?

Thanks a lot!

My issues was bad folder permission/ownership. Now I’ve corrected the permission to


or depending of the folder


and I can access to the server with filezilla with my username/password and upload files.