Setup Yunhost and installed nextcloud - what now

Hey all,

I managed to install yunohost on my old eeepc and I plan to use it as cloud storage via nextcloud - which I have installed as well. I can connect to my eeepc via the ip address and use the yunohost interface.
I am stuck now. My question is, how do I connect from my main pc to Nextcloud - do I have to link it to a domain name? I can see that it is installed but when I try to connect to it I get an error message. I believe it has something to do with the domain - the ip address does not work. I used the domain suggested by yunohost . Any help would be appreciated.

Sounds like maybe you need to download a Nextcloud client for your computer?

Add your server information for it to login: user/pass, and nextcloud IP address ( most likely)

Hi there arkadi,

I did do that - the issue I have is the “” does not seem to work. That link says it cannot be reached. Thank you for your reply - I will give it another try later on and report back.

I can connect to my eeepc via the ip address

  1. Do you mean 192.168.X.X or

  2. Is your yunohost interface accessible from outside your local network. Test it by using using your phone, turn off the wifi network on it.

  3. Investigate that your server is reachable from your main pc. Is your main PC on the same local area network (LAN)? Test this by going to the start button, run…, cmd, ping

  4. On your server check correct ports are open. Test by using the command: sudo yunohost firewall list. For Nextcloud you only need 80 and 443 (for SSL).

  5. Then check to ensure you are port forwarding ports 80 and 44 to the LAN IP address for your server (192.168.X.X)

hey there - So ports 80 and 443 are open but I cannot connect outside of my local network. How can check to see if I am port forwarding ports 80 and 44 to the lan IP address of my server? Thank you for the support btw

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The documentation would help you regarding the setup of port forwarding:

To have more information on what is yet to be configured on your system/network, you can run a Diagnosis from the admin panel.

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