Setup and test 4.1 smtp relay?

I migrated from 4.0 to 4.1 and would like to setup the smtp replay…

I created a new mail account and apply these settings as in YunoHost • index e.g.:

sudo yunohost settings set -v smtprelay.tld
sudo yunohost settings set smtp.relay.user -v username
sudo yunohost settings set smtp.relay.password -v password

Think the doc must have a “how to test the relay” section. But how can it looks like?

Maybe something like this:

root@YunoHost:~# echo "This is a Testmail" | mail -s "Testmail" your-email@addresse.tld
root@YunoHost:~# journalctl | grep "your-email@addresse.tld"

I created Add to docs: "How to test smtp relay" · Issue #1718 · YunoHost/issues · GitHub for this, too.

In my case i get a error:
SASL authentication failed; server[] said: 535 Authentication credentials invalid
Any idea?

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nobody any idea?

Don’t know why that said that. Have you tried to login on your smtp relay with your user/password by cli (with telnet for example.) ?

Weeeell that looks more like it’s an authentication issue between your server and the relay ? Did you double check the username / password you used …? Are you sure about the credentials ? How did you get those ?

Yeah i will try to double check the credentials.

I also made this:

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