Setting Up Cryptpad - How I Got It Installed

Quite a few issues manifested themselves whilst attempting to install Cryptpad. It is working now however, so I thought I’d document exactly what I did to get it to work.

  1. Assuming a successful install, a note appears telling you a sandboxed domain has been created which you need to install a Lets Encrypt certificate for. My first issue was that the domain was not listed with the rest of the domains.

Fix: Restart the whole server. When you log back in, the new domain will be listed and you can install the certificate and then restart the cryptpad service.

  1. Once you have created the user you want to be an Admin in Cryptpad, you need to add their public key to the config.js file in /var/www/cryptpad/config but root access is prohibited via SSH.

Fix: copy the public key from your new cryptpad user and paste it in a text file for now then logout of cryptpad. Now, ssh as your yunohost admin user, then when logged in su - root and when prompted for a password use your yunohost admin users password then you can cd /var/www/cryptpad/config and then nano config.js add the cryptpad users public key to the adminKeys array as per the instructions (remember to uncomment that section) then save and exit out of nano. Exit SSH, go back to your web based yunohost admin interface and restart the cryptpad service again. When you log back in to Cryptpad, your user should now be an Adminstrator.


Thanks for your feedback!

That is not normal, could it have been at the end of the list instead of being alphabetically listed? It sometimes happens on my server.

If that was in any way unclear from the help text displayed after installation and the documentation, feel free to propose an update to :slight_smile: