Setting up a new domain with YunoHost

Hardware: Thinkpad Laptop – Intel i5 – 4GB RAM
YunoHost version: Latest ISO – fresh install
I have access to my server : SSH & Web Admin
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : No
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Description of my issue

Hi there,

I’ve just installed YunoHost and love the simplicity to install apps.

I have a problem with setting up a domain I’m hoping someone can help with.

I have a domain with Cloudflare and was wondering whether someone could give me a ‘dummies’ style step by step guide on what I need to do to set this up so that I can use it on my YunoHost installation.

I’ve read the documentation and looked on the forum find it really confusing and overwhelming.

If anyone can help with a basic guide of what I need to set under the DNS I would be so so grateful.

Thank you.

  1. https://ip_address/yunohost/admin/#/domains
  2. Add domain
  3. I already have a domain name…
  4. ADD
  6. login
  7. click on your domain
  8. DNS
  9. add new A record
  10. Under Name enter www
  11. Under Content enter your yunhost external ip address NOT the local ip address.
  12. turn off proxie, set ttl to 1 minute
  13. save
  14. yunohost: https://ip_address/yunohost/admin/#/domains
  • use local ip address NOT external unless it works
  1. find your domain
  2. look for certificate then click Ignore diagnosis checks, then click install lets encrtypt.
  • if it worked and signed on
  2. look for domain then click DNS look for the A record you made and turn on proxi and save.

then repeat steps for each sub domain after, if you want a domain without www. then make new A record and put @ instead of www

also make a A record with *

also grab a free domain for your SSO unless you plan to use a domain or sub-domain for that example

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Hi Kara,

Thank you so much.

Could I ask, when you say put “your yunhost ip address”, do you mean my external IP address from my ISP (I have a static address)?

I really appreciate your help. Thank you again.

yes external IP address - sorry its been long day i could not for life of me think what it was called

if your ISP is blocking port 443/80 use cloudflare Tunnel

Awesome. Will try tomorrow. Thank you, I really appreciate your help. :slight_smile:

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Hi Kara,

I have followed the steps you mentioned. I ended up registering a new domain this afternoon for using YunoHost with.

When I go to install Let’s Encrypt, I click on ‘Ignore diagnosis checks’ and everything starts okay, but then I get the following errors:

Challenge did not pass for {‘identifier’: {‘type’: ‘dns’, ‘value’: ‘’}, ‘status’: ‘invalid’, ‘expires’: ‘2023-06-11T18:45:02Z’, ‘challenges’: [{‘type’: ‘http-01’, ‘status’: ‘invalid’, ‘error’: {‘type’: ‘urn:ietf:params:acme:error:dns’, ‘detail’: ‘no valid A records found for; no valid AAAA records found for’, ‘status’: 400}, ‘url’: ‘’, ‘token’: ‘YQ1cePffwOe7xobydAL72fEk5lMK4182WxjeUQnEOPo’, ‘validated’: ‘2023-06-04T18:45:03Z’}]}

Certificate installation for failed !
Exception: Could not sign the new certificate

Please consider checking the ‘DNS records’ (basic) and ‘Web’ categories of the diagnosis to check for possible issues that may prevent installing a Let’s Encrypt certificate on domain

Have you any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Really appreciate your help.

sometimes the free yunohost domain takes time to reg for you to get a Let’s Encrypt, you should check if port 80/443 can be reached outside your home 1st and make sure your Router allows outside access. check the diagnosis at https://local_Ip/yunohost/admin/#/diagnosis

Got the domain working now, awesome! :slight_smile: I have a few apps installed. Quick question, when I go to the user log in and see the application tiles, it says “Redirection error: Invalid URL” in red at the top and I can’t open any of the apps. I’m trying to install Adguard Home and Home Assistant. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

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bit above my pay grade since i cant see what you are doing.

make a subdomain for Home Assist example

each app should have its own subdomain or domain.

you *CANT always use the same sub-domain or domain per app example

using add domain in yunohost and cloudflare A record under DNS is how you setup a sub-domain

yunohost add domain:
cloudflare: DNA content HA ip address External
turn off proxie each time you add domain so you can give it SSL on yunohost, once SSL is signed and done, turn proxie on, must do this each time it expires.

Great, got it. When I turn proxy back on do I leave TTL to 1 min or switch that to Auto?

Just check the toggle switch, if it turns orange, thats it your done, then on left side look for SSL and look for FULL make sure thats selected

Great, thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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