Setting a storage use limit per user or app?

Dear yunohost-users,

I am not sure whether I put my issue in the correct category. I could not find anything about this neither in the documentation nor here in the forum. Feel free to move my issue or to simply hint me on where I find more information about this! :slight_smile:

My issue:
I would like to set a storage use limit per user and/or per app for my yunohost-server. I want to do so as my storage is limited and I do not want a miss-use by an app or a user to crash my whole server. Therefore, I would love to limit both storage-use per app and storage-use per user.
Is this possible? And if yes, how?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read my issue. :slight_smile:

Greetings from Kiel, Baltic Europe,

Some apps allow you to define some quota (like nextcloud or borgserver for example).

YunoHost allow you to define mail quota too.

If you want global quota, there are no features for that in YunoHost currently. But each apps is binded to a system user, so you can setup user system quota like on a classical debian.

Here you can find a tutorial to do that: 5 Steps to Setup User and Group Disk Quota on UNIX / Linux

I moved your topic in “advanced use case”, even if i think this feature is a miss in YunoHost too.


Hi ljf,

thanks for the quick reply and for moving my topic! :slight_smile:

The user system quota seems to be a good starting point. And for the user-in-app-quota I’ll have a look, particularly for matrix-synapse-users. Thanks a lot for the link to the system user quota setup!! :slight_smile:


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