Set static IP but now cannot access Webadmin

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Dell R720
YunoHost version: Powered by YunoHost 4.15 (stable).
I have access to my server : SSH, direct access
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : not really. I have a RAID server.

Description of my issue

The local IP address on my server kept changing and locking me out when I wasn’t at home. I got frustrated and started to investigate. I thought setting a permant IP address (in my router’s settings → advanced → DCHP Reservation → select servers MAC address, assign the IP address that has its ports forwarded).

I then resetarted the server, but now I can’t access it from webadmin. When I SSH into its IP address I have no problem. I’ve also done sudo yunohost firewall reload but that did not help. Any thoughts?

My port forward looks like this:

22/22	TCP	192.MY.IP.ADDRESS	22/22	
993/993	TCP	192.MY.IP.ADDRESS	993/993	
585/585	TCP	192.MY.IP.ADDRESS	585/585	
53/53	TCP	192.MY.IP.ADDRESS	53/53	
5222/5222	TCP	192.MY.IP.ADDRESS	5222/5222	
2859/2859	UDP	192.MY.IP.ADDRESS	43938/43938	
587/587	TCP	192.MY.IP.ADDRESS	587/587	
5269/5269	TCP	192.MY.IP.ADDRESS	5269/5269	
39831/39831	UDP	192.MY.IP.ADDRESS	39831/39831	
2859/2859	TCP	192.MY.IP.ADDRESS	41216/41216	
2859/2859	UDP	192.MY.IP.ADDRESS	45101/45101	
2859/2859	TCP	192.MY.IP.ADDRESS	49892/49892	
80/80	TCP	192.MY.IP.ADDRESS	80/80	
443/443	TCP	192.MY.IP.ADDRESS	443/443	
53/53	UDP	192.MY.IP.ADDRESS	53/53	
143/143	TCP	192.MY.IP.ADDRESS	143/143

What happens when you try.

both domain.tld and and domain.tld/yunohost/admin time out

Sooo I’m guessing this is an issue with fail2ban … Could it be that you repeatedly tried to login with incorrect password from the same IP ?

You can try to investigate by looking at tail -n 100 /var/log/fail2ban.log

wow that was completely obvious yet I didn’t even think about it! mind if I ask how I clear the fail2ban for my laptop? (it works on my desktop!)

c.f. this page


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