Set a/v calls on metronome

What’s the easiest way to setup audio and video calls on metronome?
I found this page, but I am hesitating to change the config file that much.


this is one thing that should be fixed by Yunohost. this issue has been open for 2 years :frowning: i am also hesistant to mess around with all those files to have it maybe work or mess up the other apps i have.

it would be amazing to have conversations have A/V working out of the ‘box’.


I’ve tried. It’s not working for me.
I’m going to try to get a/v calls from synapse instead.

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It works for me so I can recommend you to follow these instructions.

It worked for me also following the instructions.

but won’t updates of yunohost and/or metronome break those updates?
also if there is a way to fix it, can we just get it fixed in regular metronome?

So far only migrations brought back to default the config settings, not updates. But it is easy to bring back if you save the config file.


I am trying to get it work. In /etc/metronome/metronome.cfg.lua and /etc/turnserver.conf I am asked to fill in
turn_secret = “Some passphrase” and static-auth-secret=“Some passphrase” .

Is the “Some passphrase” the TURN password I received by e-mail when I completed the Coturn installation?

Thank you.

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As far as I can remember you can define the password you want in /etc/turnserver.conf and then use it /etc/metronome/metronome.cfg.lua .

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